Photo content on a website is critical as it plays a significant role in the experience of a website visitor. Visual content one of the most powerful communication tools as people tend to remember information conveyed in photos than writing. Low-quality photos easily put off visitors to a website. Images are used to generate certain kind of emotions in buyers who visit websites. If a picture is of low quality, it might end up generating negative emotions, and this can have devastating consequences one’s business. Studies have shown that photographic information is most likely to be shared on social media compared to written information. Most users tend to ignore low-quality photos as well as photos that can’t be well understood. It is, therefore, adamant to use the correct size, exposure, quality as well as the right image to convey the message on a website.

There are several tips for editing photos that can be very helpful when it comes to the presentation on a website.

Use of Color

The use of color in photos can be beneficial; color provides a photo with eye-catching and beautiful characters. It is also important to know what color to use where. For example, some photos will look better in black and white while others need the colorful component. Luminar’s photo editing provides Color Splash, a color editing tool which turns certain objects in the photo into grey, white or black colors while retaining original colors of certain objects through the use of Mask Erasing Mode to brush out applied color, therefore restoring the original color. One can also make use of Hue Saturation Filter in emphasizing certain colors and temperature giving certain eye-captivating effect to the photo. Adjusting the intensity of color saturation can help spice up a photo, therefore allowing the designer to be creative while still retaining a natural look in the photo. Using the right color for certain images is important in retaining the originality of the objects in the photo.

Use of Filters

The first step to transformation is through cropping out unwanted parts. This can help in the emphasis of the focal part which will be used in passing a specific message without any distractions. Moderately blurring the background of the image will also help to emphasize on the focal image, by creating a soft abstract with uncluttered images. Enhancing brightness will help out especially increasing illumination in photos that are a bit dark and were not correctly exposed to light or reducing brightness in images that were exposed to too much light. Lastly, all photos should have the correct layout if one is using multiple images. Grids have proven to be the easiest and best ways for showcasing multiple images.

Combining images with text is one of the most effective ways of passing a message across. It is imperative that the image is of good quality, captivating to the eye, and it complements the subject of the text, getting the imagery right is the key to a successful design.