Web design is one of the best fields to work in as a freelancer. This is because every day more people are adapting to e-commerce and online business. There are however inevitable mistakes committed by freelancers that may cost them severely. If these mistakes are avoided, a freelancer may be able to incur maximum profits from all contracts. There are also other ways to make maximum profits from contracts. These methods include increasing customer base and the services they offer to their current customers. The idea here is to sell more products and services to existing customers. This can be done through a number of ways such as offering complementary services.

Increasing Volume and Offering Complementary Services

At a time when the web design field is flooded with freelancers, attracting new customers might prove to be more difficult. It is therefore important to create good professional relations with the existing customer base. Offering a complimentary service and multiple products to a customer can prove to be very profitable. Clients are known to get different services from different vendors; this will help them reduce the hustle of dealing with a new dealer. Asking clients about their satisfaction rate and what they’d rather be offered will help a designer understand where to improve as well as what kind of services and products their customers would like them to venture into. They should also consider offering clients discounts on add-on; this might bring new business.

Increasing the volume of services offered to a client might lead to earning a lot of profit. If a client is happy with a certain product, chances are; they will jump right ahead if offered them something more. Ensure only to increase the volume of services for clients who are familiar with the work as new clients tend to be hesitant. A designer can also offer a resell program where their own clients resell their work to their own network of friends and co-workers. If their network does not share the same market as the designer’s the clients might help refer people as they have worked with them and are familiar with their professional relationship and work ethics. This can help bring new business.

Increasing Customer Rates and Offering More Services

As time goes by, designers should consider charging clients extra, depending on the designer-client relationship, the time they have spent together and their satisfaction rates. Most people are intimidated by this idea, but under the right circumstances and with the right explanation most clients might simply accept the new rates. It is important to explain why rates have increased by giving reasons such as the increased quality and value of the products and services or increased rates of raw materials.

It is important to note that it’s not appropriate to raise the rates before working with the client for at least five months. The rates should not increase by more than 30 percent of the original price. Enhanced and additional services can also be offered to the clients at a fee. For example, one can provide faster emergency and weekend services for a certain price. This will give a client the options to pay more get quality and faster services; most will opt for these to reduce inconveniences, therefore, increasing profits.