Mascots are mostly imitation of animals, people or objects which are given personified characters. They can be utilized to breathe life into a corporation’s personality. This is done by using colorful mascots which can fit in every aspect of businesses’ marketing strategies starting from professional business cards to company logo and websites. Mascots can be used as the visual component in a corporation as they are used to foster memory and faster understanding; they are therefore essential marketing tools.

Using Mascots for a Company Logo

There are a number of factors to consider when designing a mascot for a company logo; the mascot should be easy to remember. You should create a mascot with the characteristic of life in order for people to easily have a real visual connection with and the company brand. People will always connect a company’s product with the shape and image of the mascot used; most people pick items from the visual image in their head at the supermarket or store.

Different mascots can be created for individual products within the company especially if the company has numerous products under its name. One can use mascots that connect with the target market, for example, the use of different mascots for children products and adult products under the same company. This will greatly affect the product and brand design. Companies that use mascots make their brands stand out more thus attracting customers to buy their products. The best mascots to use are overdramatized animals or humans and can be posted on both print media and billboards or even in advertisement videos for TV. Some companies tend to use mascots from animations and popular TV shows. This brings more attention to the brand as these mascots are already famously related to another brand. However, to achieve this, the company has to pay for using the mascot.

Use of Mascots and Favicons as Marketing Tools for a Brand

Mascots can be used in numerous areas in the marketing of a company. These areas include; letterheads, designing and theming of company online presence such as websites and business cards. When using a mascot for a company, it is not a must that it gets universally recognized. Some mascots are only meant to be recognized by people in the specific industry a company is operating in. Another great marketing tool is the Website Favicons which are mostly plastered on every tab or every part of the company’s website these are good for branding. Parading a mascot everywhere in the company’s online presence including social media pages and groups is a good marketing strategy. This is because people tend to remember things they see quite often, therefore, the more they see the mascot, the more they are likely to remember and associate it with the company brand.

Most people look at mascots as just cute animated characters. These adorable characters can be used to bring life into a company logo, online website, and video advertisements on TV and print media. Mascots can be interesting and powerful marketing tools.