Tips on How to Maximize Profits on Each Contract

Web design is one of the best fields to work in as a freelancer. This is because every day more people are adapting to e-commerce and online business. There are however inevitable mistakes committed by freelancers that may cost them severely. If these mistakes are avoided, a freelancer may be able to incur maximum profits… Read more »

Typographic Mistakes Made By Designers and How to Avoid Them

Most designers often misunderstand the discipline of typography. This is because most have not been trained on typography and what meaning words and symbols give to their work. Typographic mistakes can also make work look too cluttered together or too far apart, therefore, giving it that confused look. Avoiding typographic mistakes can guarantee that the… Read more »

Best Web Tools and Services for a Web Designer

The web design world is an extensive one; it is therefore very possible for a web designer to get lost in the creation part. Finding the best web design tools and themes to use in the creative journey is fundamental as it makes work easier and helps one work faster. This article covers the best… Read more »