Best Strategies for Web Marketing and Design

Promoting and marketing of websites for others to see is one of the most important aspects of marketing for a web designer whether it is an established business or a start-up. Marketing helps to  drive regular customers as well as maintain the freedom of being their own boss. Before embarking on the marketing world, some… Read more »

What Designers Should Know About Content Marketing

Content marketing is the strategic approach to marketing with the primary focus on distributing appropriate, valued, and reliable content information to help attract and retain a particular audience to drive successful customer tactic. Content marketing, when used correctly, works wonders in attracting customers. It is associated with a company’s brand as it makes use of… Read more »

The Use of Mascots in Improving Brand Identity

Mascots are mostly imitation of animals, people or objects which are given personified characters. They can be utilized to breathe life into a corporation’s personality. This is done by using colorful mascots which can fit in every aspect of businesses’ marketing strategies starting from professional business cards to company logo and websites. Mascots can be… Read more »

The Use of Color in Marketing and Branding

The use of color in marketing helps a brand to stand out. The proper use of color ensures that clients feel what a brand is all about. It is therefore imperative to understand color psychology as it will go a long way to guarantee the success of the content being marketed. The use of color… Read more »

Color Psychology and the Emotions Evoked By Color

Color psychology is the association of colors with the emotional and mental reactions arouse on people with sight. There are many proven and accepted elements of color on the effects of people’s psychology. However, some interpretations, meaning, and perceptions may vary due to the difference in cultures and environment. Color psychology is usually affected by… Read more »

Best Tips to Test Online Users’ Experience

Creating an engaging and compelling online presence is not an easy task but keeping an excellent online user experience is the hardest of them all. Different companies use different approaches to track user research and testing. Some strategies that work for one company might not necessarily work for another company. It is, therefore, important to… Read more »