Typographic Mistakes Made By Designers and How to Avoid Them

Most designers often misunderstand the discipline of typography. This is because most have not been trained on typography and what meaning words and symbols give to their work. Typographic mistakes can also make work look too cluttered together or too far apart, therefore, giving it that confused look. Avoiding typographic mistakes can guarantee that the work will be used in future. This article will focus on typographic mistakes commonly made by designers and how to avoid them.

Too Much Spacing and Mixing Up Kerning and Tracking

One of the most common mistakes committed by designers is confusing kerning and tracking. These are very similar, but they have a different effect on a designer’s work as they are not the same. Kerning deals with the alteration and adjustment of space between two characters such as letters. It is mostly used to adjust white space between letters which have a lot of it between them. Tracking, on the other hand, deals with space between letters in an entire word, reducing or increasing space on either side of the word. This is mostly used to adjust type in order for it to fit in a particular line perfectly.

Too much positive tracking can lead to the reduction of legibility making it hard to read the work. Most people also make the mistake of inadequate leading, this is putting too little space between lines of a type, and this is commonly known as line-spacing. Too little line-spacing makes the characters feel clutched up while too much makes texts feel disconnected. This can also happen by the use of too many weights and fonts. The general discipline of a designer is to use three fonts unless in situations where one needs to use more. In such occasions, it is advisable not to introduce too many typefaces and weight in the fonts as it makes the text feel disconnected.

Legibility of a Text

Designers especially those new to the field might use text colors that are not aligned with the background color or set a text to have insufficient contrast. This makes the text hard to read. Others use background colors that are almost similar to the text color. It is advisable that designers check the legibility of their designs; this is because most people end up not reading text that is not legible or clear. Some designers might use double spacing after a punctuation mark such as commas and full stops; this was mostly used in the old days of typewriters in order to avoid placing characters too close together after a punctuation mark. However modern word processing software has corrected this, and if one is still using the old copywriters, it is best to let them know.

Most of these typographic errors are committed without knowing. Sometimes designers misuse characters and marks; it is, therefore, fundamental for designers to learn how to use what, where, and the effect on the text. There are, however, cases where designers have a good reason for using bad typography, this when for example they have technical limitations such as systems that will split content out.

Best Web Tools and Services for a Web Designer

The web design world is an extensive one; it is therefore very possible for a web designer to get lost in the creation part. Finding the best web design tools and themes to use in the creative journey is fundamental as it makes work easier and helps one work faster. This article covers the best WordPress Themes, the best web-development companies, and agencies as well as the best WordPress signature Plugin that will make website creation a straightforward, simple, and enjoyable process.

Web Development Agencies and Analyzing Tools

With more than ten years in the market, Xfive is among the unsurpassed web development agencies. It operates under the most recent XHTML brand. The agency can assist with all the required services starting from back-end to front-end development, HTML, Sketch, WordPress as well as e-commerce. The agency is very transparent and can handle all website development needs for a designer. Wadeo is an animation and video maker, offering a lot of templates and simple-to-use web tools for all website-video making needs. Logo123 is one of the best logo creators with an algorithm which evaluates one’s preferences and brings many logo designs which match one’s ideal design.

One of the most efficient Web tools for analyzing a website is the LuckyOrange web tool. It has great elements such as form analytics, dynamic heat maps and a dashboard with a load of information. These tools will analyze a website and give detailed information about why clients are visiting it and leaving without making a purchase.

Best themes to Use

WordPress themes such as Meridian, Uncode, Javellin, and Be Themes are best for pre-built websites, Visual Composer components as well as add-ons to help with the customization of a website for professional and personal use. Magento Themes such as Argento are best to use in digital marketing and online e-commerce stores. These themes come with over 18 powerful add-ons to help customize a website. This gives it the best professional look while making it friendly. Furthermore, it gives ones online clientele a great experience. When increasing online business, MailMunch is the best web design tool to use. This is because it allows for the creation of numerous opt-in forms, it also transforms abandoning visitors into leads through slide-boxes, pop-ups, and embedded forms. In case you need the best custom made calculator for all your calculation needs, starting from the estimation of quotes for websites used for entertainment to cost calculating even without coding skills uCalc.Pro is the best tool to use. It only takes 10 minutes.

Most of these web tools come with first few days’ free trial in order to allow for evaluation of whether it is the kind of tool one is looking for. The tools are also very affordable with some having plans which start as low as 6.3 dollars per month. Other tools have free forever plans. These tools and themes are straightforward and safe to use for any project one may have as well as offering different approaches to creating good-looking professional websites.